Before You Start Your Own Home Child Care Business

Before Starting your Child Care Business. What you need to consider before you begin. ||

What you need to consider before you begin.

Starting your own Family Home Child Care is a big step.  It’s a great option for earning income while enabling you to be at home with your own children.  The following are a few areas you may not have considered while still in the early stages of planning.

Long and Tiring Hours

Face it, caring for a group of young children keeps you busy.  Very busy.  I always joke that being in this profession keeps me in shape.  You are constantly helping one child, while the next is waiting for their turn to have you play in a game they’ve come up with.  Depending on child care demands in your area, the hours you are open will likely be anywhere from 9-11 hours to accommodate families’ schedules.  Meal preparation, grocery shopping, and cleaning often take place after the children leave for the day.   You may have a bit of downtime while children take a nap, and older children rest.  Use it wisely, and you’ll have more free time once your charges have gone home.

Bookkeeping Responsibilities

Unless you’re good at keeping organized, it can be a challenge to keep up with bookkeeping responsibilities.  Receipts for purchases you’ve made in relation to child care costs, recording parent payments, and (depending on requirements in your province or state) paperwork and documentation for the children in your care.

Dedicated Child Care Space

If this is a possibility in your home, I highly recommend it.  There’s something to be said about walking away from the room you’ve spend the majority of the day in with a group of young children.  You will feel more refreshed and ready for the next day after enjoying your evening in a grown-up environment.

Wear and Tear on Your Home

Children are messy.  Toys are thrown, leaving marks on your walls.  Toys ding floors.  Crayons and markers are used on surfaces other than paper.  Boogies have a way of finding a new home on your sofa… gross, but true.  Take a look at your child care environment to be.  Are you ok with this?  Yes, of course, part of our job as caregivers is to teach respect for other peoples’ things.  But this takes time and practice.  It’s not something young children grasp easily… so, time to think about covering up that sofa.  😉

Respecting Your Own Children’s Space

This is increasingly more important the older your children are.  Your children need a place (their bedrooms perhaps?)  where special possessions, books, and toys are kept away from the other children.  This way, your child feels more secure in sharing their home environment each day.

Since starting your own business is a huge step, I hope these points have helped you to consider a few things you might not have thought of on your own.  Running your own home child care is a lot of work, but is a truly rewarding experience.  If this post hasn’t scared you off, then props to you, and all the best with your business planning!


Have any questions about child care?  Feel free to comment below 🙂